Thoughts too long for Twitter

On Wimbledon, sports and misogyny.

I wasn’t sure I wanted this on my blog but here it is. I know that organised sports can bring out the racists, nationalists and all those other ugly off-shoots of an over-encouraged sense of patriotism but the reactions to Wimbledon kind of shocked me. (And yes, I only knew it was going on because of twitter). I was annoyed when Murray was called “the first brit to win for 77 years” when there were several British women who won in that time-span. I guess they don’t count. But whatever, aren’t we used to that?
But this next part is something I am so sick of and done with, I never ever want to get used to that. We have the internet, once called a truly free medium (we dared to dream, but it’s still pretty damn free) and what do people do with it? Call women too fat and ugly to deserve to win Wimbledon, call them slags, whores, bitches just for the audacity of being good at something. Oh but I forgot, women’s tennis only exists so that men can see women’s panties when the skirt flies up or can wank off to the noises they make when they hit the ball.

[Click on your own discretion, it kind of ruined my day: The twitter-shaming of Marion Bartoli]

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