Sometimes the world is simple: marriage equality

I’m a fence-sitter. I’m the kind of person who can’t help but think about something (*hem* obsess about something) for so long that I end up seeing all the pro and the con arguments and I give up on one a clear decision either way and try to disappear in a puff of over-thinking.

This is why I love it when I have a topic that is so black and white, that there is literally no other side. Or the one that there is, fails to make any impression on me what so ever and I can have one unequivocal opinion. Here it is:

If you don’t believe gay people should enjoy the same rights, privileges and responsibilities that straight people enjoy, you are not worth my time. You are not a good person.¬†Full-stop.


It’s a beautiful relief to be able to be so clear on something. But there is no earthly reason to deny lgbt couples the right to marry, none. I took philosophy in college for a while, and argumentation and logic and I even fail to see how those things certain conservative people say could be considered an argument at all, rather than a bunch of me-me-me-me-the-world-has-to-be-the-way-I-want-it whining or just words that don’t mean anything.

Traditional marriage values? Like women being property and routinely raped and beaten because the husband is allowed to do that by law? Oh, I remember now, that was changed.

Procreation? My parents were not married when they had me. And I know a lot of married couples who either can’t have children or don’t want them? And holy shit that is really offensive.
large_3032552769So yeah, it leads me to conclude that a person still opposing lgbt people’s marriage equality can only do so for 2 reasons:

1. They are purposefully spreading hatred.
2. They have not yet learnt what most of us learn in kinder-garden. That just because you personally don’t like something, doesn’t mean everybody else has to hate it or shouldn’t have it. I hate olives, I am not trying to get them banned as a food!
Freedom of religion goes both ways, people! You are allowed to have it, but the rest of us are free not to be bothered by its doctrine. 

At least I have one freedom: to be angry, to love, to be passionate and to see the world as simple for once.

photo credit: qwrrty and Ara Lucia via photopin cc

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