So, I’m getting published.

This is so big and so incredible for me – it took me a few days to put it into written words as though any moment, I’d get an email saying it was all a mistake and they didn’t mean me at all. My name might rhyme with the person they really wanted to publish or my manuscript might have gotten mislabeled. I couldn’t quite believe any of it, and it didn’t completely enter my brain – at least the realisation didn’t. I panicked a little  before I signed the contract, I felt odd and guilty for days. Had to do print the contract out again and do it twice because I couldn’t get the date right, two corrections for three words and two dates. Nothing really registered.

Until something as innocuous as a date. April 8th.

On April 8th 2013, my first book will be released with Crimson Romance. I will be a Crimson Romance Writer, a Lady in Red. I burst into tears when I read that date.

I wanted to be a writer all my life. And I don’t believe that you have to be published to call yourself a writer – a writer is someone who sticks to it even when it is painful, who finishes something, who loves writing and does it even though something else would be easier – simply because they have to. But I would be lying if I didn’t admit that getting published is that goal I wanted to reach, dreamt of in that distant, crazy way. I would never have expected to reach it this fast and I am incredibly grateful and humbled by the fact. I love writing, this is how I want to spend my life. And I will be published. On April 8th. How is that anything short of incredible? I’m getting teary again.

I will probably end up spamming this a lot with over-excitement but I’ll do my very best to also keep creating content, promise! 🙂


  1. Hi Laila. Reading your blog made me tear up too! I went through the same emotions back in November when I signed my contract 🙂 It’s a great feeling isn’t it?! Our books are out around the same time and I want to wish you every success. How wonderful!!

    • Aw thank you for leaving a reply! And yes, an amazing feeling – that’s so cool, maybe we can help each other out somehow? I’d love to review your book for example!

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