Series Overview

It isn’t always immediately apparent or even easy to find out whether a series is completed or how many more installments are being planned. This is why I created this simple overview.

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ALL300-450After Life Lessons: Book One
After Life Lessons: The Interludes
After Life Lessons: Book Two

The Complete After Life Lessons Collection


100% Complete

After Life Lessons is a completed series, with no additional installments planned.


Driftwood Deeds, #1
Trading Tides, #2
Saltwater Skin, #3

The complete Breaking in Waves Trilogy Collection


100% Complete

Breaking in Waves is a completed series with no additional installments planned.


By the Light of the Moon - Lakeside SeriesBird of the Summer (Prequel)  — coming in June 2018

By the Light of the Moon, #1
A Taste of Winter, #2
Across the Water, #3  — coming in Fall 2018


60% Complete

After the release of Across the Water in Winter 2015, the Lakeside Series will be completed. However, together with L.C. Spoering, I’m planning a current day Urban Fantasy spin-off: The Lost Moon series.