Release Updates August: New Novella!

Hello lovelies!

Yes, I agree, I don’t address you enough in this blog. It’s all me me me all the time and I am afraid this post, really, won’t be much different. Leave some comments somewhere and I make blog-posts all about you, promise!

Interesting things have been happening this month and I thought I should keep you up to date on those.

First item: I have a new book coming out!

It’s called DRIFTWOOD DEEDS and it’s an erotic novella and a love story for those of us who are either D/s and bdsm beginners or simply enjoy the kinder, sweeter moments of that lifestyle. It’s very much about consent and equality in a D/s relationship – and about letting go, trusting each other and being cuddly, it’s also about that.

Here’s the official blurb:

When young journalist Iris Ellis visits a sleepy sea-side town to interview recluse screenwriter Paul Archer, he offers her insights into never acted-upon fantasies. Too curious to deny herself a taste of them, Iris lets Paul initiate her into the world of dominance and submission. But when she realizes that a taste can never be enough, she must try to protect her heart before he has a chance to break it.

I’ll show it off the moment there is a cover but, so far that’s all there is. It will be published in November 2013 through A Hotter State, the new imprint of Ladylit Publishing, created by the always lovely and talented Harper Bliss. As the book is somewhat personal and meant a lot to me for reasons I will go into below, it was really important to me to publish it with someone I trust, and I have absolutely no reservations of putting that trust in Harper, with whom I have been working on short story anthologies for a while now.

In a way, I wrote this novella years ago. In fact, at 18, it was my first finished piece of writing and the only thing I was actually proud of. It was originally titled Stains of Blue, and those of you who follow me on more than one social media platform might recognize that as my online handle on tumblr. I have been using that for a long time for the simple reason that just writing that novella had taught me a lot of things about writing and about myself long before I ever figured them out outside of fiction.

DRIFTWOOD DEEDS is not the same text,; I wrote it from scratch because nobody should have to see those scribblings of me at 18, but I think the intent, the feeling and the story progression remained intact and I hope it still stands as a bit of testament to my mindset at that time.

It is complete at just under 30k, so about half to a third of the site of regular novel. This is because I am not a big fan of novel-length works just focussed on sexuality and erotica, I get a bit bored and I wouldn’t know the first thing about writing and structuring them. That makes it a nice, fast read that I hope you will all enjoy.


I will be contacting reviewers and book blogs about this soon, but if you would like a free copy in exchange for an honest review on a blog or on amazon/B&N and/or goodreads, let me know!

In the mean-time, remember that my last involvement with Ladylit Publishing – a beautiful lesbian anthology called ANYTHING SHE WANTS is still out and purchased wherever there are ebooks for sale. 🙂


Second item: More Shortstories on the way.Shameless Cover small

Please be on the look our for next months releases of SHAMELESS BEHAVIOR, edited by Lana Fox and SWEAT, edited by Harper Bliss – two more anthologies that feature stories of mine.

All in all, there are thirteen of those on the way, to be released during the Winter of 2013 and the Spring of 2014. Among those are Violet Blue’s BEST WOMEN’S EROTICA 2014, published by Cleis Press and Shawna Kenney’s BOOK LOVERS, by Seal Press. For the full list, please consult my Publications page.
I have to say, I am terribly honoured and humbled to be included with publishers like Cleis Press and Seal Press who have been doing really important work for women and the lbgt community for such a long time.


Third Item: What about the Lakeside Sequel?

This is a little more complicated. It is finished, that’s the good news. But after some long talks with my publisher, we mutually decided that my series doesn’t actually fit into their romance line and that both the line and especially the Lakeside series would do far better if we parted ways. So right now, I’m waiting for my right to revert back to me early in 2014. At that point I will  make some of those extensive revisions I had been wanting to from the beginning, self-publish the first book and re-brand it a little. Later in 2014, I will then publish the sequel as well.
I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience but I promise it will come out.
On some brighter news, together with L.C. Spoering, I am working on a more classic Paranormal Romance series that takes the world laid out in By the Light of the Moon, and fast forwards it to our time, where we’ll write about Fae and Blaidyn in today’s world. Like our zombie-apocalypse series, we can’t yet say whether it will be self-published or traditionally published, but they are definitely coming to a book-store near you in the not to distant future.

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