New Release: Driftwood Deeds

I’ve been talking about it for a while and it’s finally here, my new novella Driftwood Deeds. Officially out tomorrow, it’s already available on Amazon and ARe, it even already had a sale or two. I will spend the next few weeks bugging you with links to reviews and blog posts in which I talk more about the novella, it’s inspiration and what it means to me, but for now, suffice to say that Driftwood Deeds, a short (27k) read for D/s and bdsm beginners or those DriftwoodDeedssmallwho simply enjoy the kinder, sweeter moments of that lifestyle. It’s very much about experimentation, consent and equality in a D/s relationship – and about letting go, trusting each other and being cuddly, it’s also about that.

When journalist Iris Ellis visits a sleepy seaside town to interview recluse screenwriter Paul Archer, he offers her insights into never acted upon fantasies of dominance and submission. Too curious to deny herself a taste of them, Iris gives herself up to Paul’s gentle guidance, but when she realizes that a taste can never be enough, she must find the courage to ask for what she needs or risk losing it all. \\ \\
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Because of my sudden hospital stay (I’ll finally get out tomorrow, knock on driftwood), the tour isn’t quite as tidy and finalized as I wanted it to be at this point. But I’ll add relevant stops as I get a date. Check it out here, if you want to follow it.

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And here is the tiniest teaser — more to come, I promise!

“Do you know what a safeword is?”

I nodded, unable to speak with the careful exploration of my mouth. Of course I knew what a safeword was. He ran his finger along my gums and over my teeth, pushed under my tongue and curled it up as though he wanted to make sure he did his due diligence in finding every single spot, in marking my mouth with his salt and seawater taste.

“Good. But we don’t need one, today. You say stop, I’ll stop what I’m doing. You say no, I won’t do whatever I’m planning. You shake your head and I stop. Okay?”

Again I nodded, my eyes were wide as saucers and he smiled, gently touching my chin with his free hand. He tilted up my face, opened my mouth wider and then brushed over the tiny ridges along the roof of my mouth until he reached the soft palate and I snorted out tiny gagging sounds. He pulled back and let me rest for a second before going for the same spot again, while I tried to mash my heel against my clit, but with too many socks and fabric in the way, I could hardly feel anything.

“You can always ask me to stop and we’ll reassess, okay?” This time, he pulled his finger from my mouth. It was slick and shiny with my saliva.

“Yeah,” I whispered. “Okay.”

Our eyes met for a long time as he smeared saliva onto my lips and a sweet smile blossomed on his face, crinkling the lines around his eyes. It occurred to me that he hadn’t even kissed me yet.


    • Thank you Cheyenne! I’m so excited, my first little toe into the erotica market with my own publication. Let’s see how it goes, eh? 🙂

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