New Release: Anything She Wants

As you may already know from twitter or facebook, we are celebrating a new release this week. The amazing Harper Bliss of Ladylit Publishing put together a wonderful little anthology of lesbian erotica. It features not only my first published short-story in this field, but the amazing L.C. Spoering’s as well. Next goal: both get into an anthology where our stories… touch. Hehe.

Without further ado, I am incredibly excited to present ANYTHING SHE WANTS – a lesbian erotica anthology edited by Harper Bliss – who happens to also celebrate Ladylit’s first birthday today.

Happy birthday, Ladylit! Many merry returns!



And the best thing? For just a very short time (until June 9th) you get get your e-copy of Anything She Wants absolutely free on Amazon. Go get it now and help up climb those Bestseller ranks!

Here are the download links (FREE until Sunday (midnight PST):
Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon DE / Amazon CA / Amazon FR / Amazon ES / Amazon IT


And if that isn’t enough – here’s a tiny little teaser excerpt from my contribution:

The Corner Chair

There was nothing extraordinary about the chair. It was simple, narrow and
unpadded, light wood with a stark and rectangular back. It stood in a corner of a spacious loft—the lonely corner, as it were: with no bookshelves, cabinets, plants or curtains, pictures on the wall or a rug on the floor. Two naked walls—one exposed brick, one white wall-paper—met at a right angle and a simple, unadorned chair had been pushed into the space between them, its back
towards the corner but not quite touching either of the walls.
To call it unadorned, of course, was not currently correct, although most of
the time it was just that. Looking over into that corner at this point in time, even the most distracted observer couldn’t help but notice the living, breathing ornament kneeling on the chair.
Her knees pressed tightly together to fit onto the narrow surface and her
loosely tied hands resting on the back, a woman perched on the chair. She was
naked except for a simple leather collar, almost hidden by her long tumbling
hair, and a small anklet glittering in the light that cast through the open window: a string of silver with a tiny amulet in the shape of the letter C, my initial.
Claire, nice to meet you. Don’t worry, you can shake my hand—she might
get messy sometimes, but I haven’t touched her yet.

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