Lilt Podcast’s 20th!


I was considering posting this next week, at Lilt’s 21st – you know, when it’s officially an adult, but then my latent OCD got in the way of an uneven number. So here we are, celebrating our podcast’s five months existence (more or less) with Episode #20 posted this week. You may have noticed that I stopped posting episodes here on my website and moved all podcast publication to the Lilt Podcast website. I thought this might help reduce clutter and doubled information.

Please check us out on iTunes or Stitcher, and if you regularly use a different podcast service, and it would make it easier for you if we uploaded it there, let us know in the comments.

For a look back on specific episodes – check out the full list!

Episode 1: Mid-Year Reading Wrap-up (also: slice of life vs concept)
                  The Marriage Plot // 1Q84 // Life of Pi // Exactly where they’d Fall

Episode 2: Editing your Manuscript

Episode 3: Working with Editors

Episode 4: Beta Readers

Episode 5: Reading Wrap-up July
                  The Catcher in the Rye // 1984 // To Kill A Mockingbird // Slaughterhouse Five

Episode 6: Writing set-ups

Episode 7: Planning vs. Pantsing

Episode 8: Collaborative Writing

Episode 9: Calls for Submissions

Episode 10: Reading Wrap-up August
                    Jane Eyre // The Great Gatsby // The Hunger Games Trilogy

Episode 11: The Issue with Strong Heroines

Episode 12: Writing Sensitive Heroes

Episode 13: Writer’s Block – Myth vs. Reality

Episode 14: Reading Wrap-up September
                    Norwegian Wood // Paint it Black

Episode 15: Book Beginnings

Episode 16: Rewriting

Episode 17: Reading Wrap-up October
                    Divergent // Insurgent // Allegiant (Part 1)

Episode 18: Nanowrimo – The Good and the Bad

Episode 19: Nanowrimo 2013 – Getting Unstuck

Episode 20: The Show Don’t Tell Paradigm

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