Lakeside Sequel Extract

I’ve spent the morning finishing Chapter Four – it’s coming together and I’m getting more and more excited. Mostly, I really hope I don’t have to go too much into the old killing my babies adage. I’m having such a good time exploring the supporting characters, they are just so much fun to write. Here’s a bit from the antagonist, Brock.


“I wonder if she would, though. It is hard – you think you went through something when you were a babe? Have you never considered why such tests are given? Why a fae’s first and foremost attribute has to be their endurance and strength?” His voice had risen both in pitch and in volume with each question. A dangerous glint had come to his eyes again. “You think we laugh and smile and live for pleasure – but what we can do, we learn through pain and time. And make no mistake, my dear, there’s always a price to pay for power. And hiding your magic comes with a high one.”

Iris swallowed. She had flinched back a little and her behind was resting against a shelf. There were still those moments when she was sure he would kill her one day, just because she represented something he hated.

“I never…” she whispered, shaking her head.

“She never told you?” Again that condescending smile. “It’s what she did for you. You and those filthy humans she is so unnaturally fond of, I suppose. Do you know what humans do to a river when they channelise it?”

Iris looks at him without comprehension. Brock continued.

“They dig trenches and build walls and soon the river is not a happy, meandering free spirit but a fast, straight road for human ships. It is deeper, narrower, you can build bridges over it – even close it and dam water for future use. But… now the river is a means to an end. It is not a free spring, it has no lightness, no dreams, no songs. Do you understand?”

Iris nodded. A cold shiver ran down her spine and she could feel sweat in the palms of her hands. Tiny drops of condensation had soaked into the parchment she still held.

“It is that what happens to your magic when you learn to suppress it, to hide it. It is never the same again.”

© Unnamed Lakeside Sequel, Laila Blake

photo credit: Theophilos via photopincc

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