Finding the Right Headspace

I have been having trouble writing this week. It was packed with classes and meetings and responsibilities and on top of it I received two translations I’m still working on and I knew the weekend would not actually be my own as my dad and his girlfriend gave me a soap-stone sculpting workshop with them for Christmas. None of that really translates to giving me space in my head to write. And if I do, then it just feels forced, one paragraph at a time.

309830_10151373110140699_242905909_nI was looking forward to the workshop but at the same time, I was pretty sure that I would be terrible because I haven’t been able to put work off my mind for over a week and why would that change?

However, sitting there with that smooth bit of stone somewhere in a museum in Bonn, with the tools and the sounds of hammers and scrapers all around me – I think I honestly relaxed for the first time in two weeks. Trying to figure out how to carve a nose out of a flat surface just took all my concentration and by the end of the day I was exhausted but it felt nice. A good kind of exhausted.

I’m going back today for the second part of the workshop and I am committed to trying to come up with a way to recreate that feeling for writing. Maybe it means writing in café sometime… we’ll see.


  1. I always benefit from working in a busy environment. Ambient noise helps me focus more than just quiet, because when it’s quiet I feel the need to create some kind of noise (music, singing, humming, whatever). When I do homework in a busy classroom, for some reason I get a lot more done than I would have at home, and same goes for writing!

    I also have been having issues finding inspiration to write in between all the things. It’s just so hard to find a place to sit down sometimes, especially if we like busy places – the more people you know around you, the more likely someone is to start chatting!

    So I guess the answer is to just find a quiet cafe far from anyone you know, and just sit and write. You know, to use the noise as a creative lens in an environment that is still quiet enough to not annoy you.

    I’ll try too. 😀

  2. I’ve been in the same boat this week. Struggling to write a few decent paragraphs here and there, and I’m just mentally and physically exhausted. I’m trying to relax more but I’m just stressed. And people keep talking to me about nonsense. Thanks for sharing

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