Driftwood Deeds – exclusive snippet!

Because I am participating in a wonderful spanking blog hop and because I haven’t shared anything I’m working on in quite a while, I thought it would be fun to post a little snipped of an erotic novella that has kept me busy in the last weeks. It’s called Driftwood Deeds — oh, and this snippet is definitely not work safe although your co-workers would have to lean in pretty closely.


Driftwood Deeds
by Laila Blake


“What was that?” Paul asked then, fingers running slowly between the elastic of my panties and the sensitive back of my knees.
“Yes… Sir,” I breathed on the exhale of another moan. My fingers curled against the carpet, everything smelled like him – rugged and sea-worthy and I felt like I was drowning, deliciously, sweetly drowning. “Yes, Sir!”
“That’s my girl,” he answered, then pulled at my underwear and untangled tights and panties from my legs.I could smell myself on his wrist when he leaned in to pet my hair – and before I could think about that, he held my panties in front of my face, flapping against my nose and my lips. It was in that moment that he decided to touch me again, easily reaching between my legs, he held my sex in his hand – thumb in the crack of my arse and the rest of his palm and fingers pressing against my labia.

“Will you look at these panties?” he asked, tutting with a smile and letting them swing against my face again. They were so drenched, I could feel all the places where they left my juices on my nose, my lips and my chin. That smell; it, too, was salty and overwhelming, and it went so perfectly with the way his middle-finger was stirring against my painfully swollen clit.
“Yes, Sir,” I whispered, inhaling deeply through my nose all of that cunt filtered air.
“Did you make them so terribly wet?”


  1. Wow, Laila, that is a very hot scene. You did exceed the sentence limit a little, however. We are supposed to limit our snippets to 6-8 sentences. Sometimes I go over, too, so it’s not a punishable crime, but I hope you can keep it in mind when you come back and play again. All the same, I loved the scene.

    • Eeeeks, Sorry! I totally overlooked that. Definitely will keep it shorter next time! Sorry about that, but thank you for your comment!
      I shortened it a little bit but I think it’s still too long :/

    • Aw thank you! I wanted to go for something very intense and intimate with this one even though first pers is not always my preferred pov for smut 🙂

    • 😀 Thank you! It’s weird, it’s really a story I wrote 10 years ago, my first real erotic story. And now I’m rewriting it and making it marketable, but those characters have been with me for 10 years, basically.

    • Very very glad to hear, thank you. I actually finished that ms today – I think all your comments buoyed me on!

  2. Woohoo, I think she’ll get spanked for the wet panties even though it was his fault. LOL, but that’s okay;) HOT snippet!

  3. Oh, my! Someone better turn on the fan. Is it hot in here, or is it just me? Can’t wait to read the story in its new form!

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