Discussing Driftwood Deeds: An Homage to Beta Hero Dominants

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An Homage to Beta Hero Dominants

I’m not here to talk smack about the alpha hero. That guy has earned his place in romance history; that guy deserves respect. That guy also looks like he can glare with the best of them, and would not react too kindly to me poking holes into his blown-up ego. Let’s leave this guy alone for now.

medium_6284181331No, let’s talk about someone else. Meet Beta Hero Dominant. Beta H. Dominant is a complex man, he does not pack a lot of muscle. Maybe he wears glasses, or has an early receding hairline. He reads books or loves watching documentaries, and he doesn’t make impressive amounts of money, nor does he work in a terribly butch profession: Beta’s a teacher or a nurse. If he’s Dr. Beta H. Dominant, he’s a paediatrician, not a surgeon. Maybe he’s writer or starving artist, maybe he just goes to work in an office every day, taking crap from his overbearing boss.

Beta is a sweet guy, he smiles a lot and he listens when people talk. He likes to make other people smile, too, and not just women he wants to sleep with. He helps where he can, he tips well even though — or maybe just because — he knows what it’s like not to have a lot of money. He has a pretty good idea of who he is, but he messes up, and most importantly, he doesn’t always have to win or be impressive.

He doesn’t crave power in all aspects of his life — he doesn’t boss around his co-workers or friends, he doesn’t intimidate anyone. Social justice is important to him, and if pressed he would easily call himself a feminist. He likes to cook and he does the dishes, communication and equality in a relationship are important to him… but when the clothes come off, Beta H. Dominant can turn on the heat, too.  And just because he doesn’t seek power in any other aspect of his life, the turn-around makes you feel extra special and it’s all the more stunning to watch. He knows what he wants and he takes it because he knows you want it, too. And afterwards he’ll hold you and you’ll talk for hours because he genuinely wants to know how to make his submissive happy and he’ll work for it, too.

He may not throw a fist or lead a multinational company the way Alpha does, but Beta has his very own, special charm to add into any steamy narrative.

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