Birthday Updates

So, today is my 28th birthday.
And this is just the first of a lot of gratuitous John Krasinski gifs to celebrate it.

Oh, and don’t worry everybody, I know I’m not allowed to complain about getting older until I hit thirty, but you know what? I don’t feel inclined to it all this year — I had a weird freak-out at 27, and I think that is carrying me along on a cloud of adult-hood-acceptance for another year (hopefully).

In case you’re thinking – hey, this silly young woman should have some kind of present… you could always buy my book :D. Wow, that was shameless. But I’ll keep it, shame is underrated. Great fuel for writers.


Anyway, there was definitely a point to this post. It’s my birthday, so I get to be a little bit self-centred on my own blog and I thought I’d catch you all up on the stuff I’ve been working on in the last half year since By the Light of the Moon was accepted for publication. It’s been a really interesting 6 months, with setbacks and triumphs and all in all it’s a kind of time I really look forward to looking back on with a slightly romanising sense of nostalgia.

– The Lakeside Sequel (A Taste of Winter, 75k) is currently with my publisher, awaiting its fate.
– An erotic novel (~60k) written with L.C. Spoering, also recently finished after a long period of editing and re-editing: we are shopping it around with a few select publishers.
– An erotic novella (Driftwood Daughter, ~30k) is also finished but I am a little bit hesitant sending it out because I want to hear back from some other projects before I do. I might even go self-pub with this one, we’ll see.
– I’ve also written several (latest count 21, ~60k) erotic/romantic short stories, 6 of which are already accepted for publication and most of the other ones are circulating in several calls for submissions. One, of course, is already published in Harper Bliss beautiful anthology Anything She Wants.

When it comes to current projects, there’s also a bit to talk about:

– NA Dystopian love story written with L.C Spoering: currently in the editing stage.
– NA Dystopian love story sequel-ish, also with L.C. Spoering: writing stage
– YA contemporary “Where the Wind Settles“: currently writing for free in its first draft on Wattpad
– Lesbian Erotic Novella, yes, you guess it: writing stage 🙂

Yeah, okay this was particularly gratuitous… but look at him! *squees*

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