Another Spanking Saturday Snippet

Three weeks ago, I shared a little snippet of my latest erotic novella Driftwood Daughter (currently in the submitting phase) and as it it is Saturday Spankings time again, here’s another little bit to wet your appetite.


Driftwood Daughter
by Laila Blake


     The first had been shock, the second a sense of helplessness – the third was real pain that made me tense up my entire body so hard he had to hold me against his stomach to keep me in position. But even as I was still trying to catch my breath, his hand was brushing over the tender spot and he rubbed and kneaded it, spread the heat out in waves of something that I couldn’t rightly call pain anymore.

     It was something else, something like fire. Like swallowing tequila without the orange juice, like the raw feeling of straining muscles against an exercise machine, harsh but oddly pleasant in its sting.

     “Shhhh,” he whispered then and I realized that I hadn’t stopped a keening moan for what felt like minutes. I had to breathe. And he kept massaging the fire away.


  1. Very erotic snippet, Laila. I’m not sure if she was receiving the spanking for punishment or for another reason, but I like the way he tends to her afterwards.

    • Not really punishment – it’s more experimentation :). But yeah, I find aftercare so important, always. Thank you for your comment!

  2. Love the aroused aftercare she is feeling and that he is so formidable in giving to his spanked one… And like some of the others, just love your use of metaphor in your descriptive wording…

  3. I like that description, the tequila without the orange juice. The awful fire yet the illicit warmth. Great snippet

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