Guest Appearances

From time to time, I have the opportunity guest-blog and some wonderful people allowed me some space on their websites. Check them out below!


Women Writers, Women’s Books
Article: Recovering from Depression – My Writing Journey

Women Writers, Women’s Books
Article: Turning a Weakness into an Asset: How Writing Erotica Freed me from Doubts

RT Book Reviews
Article: How Writers can move away from Sexually Objectifying Women

Love Reading Romance
Guest-Post: Erotic Romance and Consent

In the Pages of a Good Book
Guest-blog: Stealing from our Exes

As the Pages Turn
Guest-blog: BDSM and Feminism

Gale Stanley
Guest-blog: An Hommage to the Beta Hero Dominant

Bad Barb’s Place
Guest-blog: Setting and Narrative: The Rubble-Strewn Beach of Driftwood Deeds

Crimson Romance Editor’s Blog
Guest-blog: A few Words on Weakness

Ask the Crimson Romance Experts
Guest-blog: Distance Relationships

Simply Sensational Book Fanatics
Guest-blog: Women’s Fiction and Feminism